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Jay's profound passion for these fascinating insects was instilled during his childhood as he observed and learned from his family. Throughout his life, bees have remained a constant and cherished part of his existence. His journey began at Victoria, where beekeeping started as a mere hobby, but it soon transformed into a cherished family tradition that he wholeheartedly embraced as his profession.

At the core of his business is a commitment to ethical honey harvesting, featuring a diverse selection of single varieties and metropolitan local honeys. However, the company's growth didn't stop there; it diversified into queen bee breeding to cater to the surging popularity of beekeeping and the increasing demand for beehives. Jay's expertise in this field is a part of his hereditary knowledge, passed down through generations.

With a vision of fostering more bees and addressing the deficit in hives for crop pollination, especially in Victoria's Almond cultivation, the business focuses on breeding hygienic, productive, and placid queen bees. This task encompasses numerous responsibilities, but it's a challenge Jay and his team are eager to tackle.

The company takes immense pride in its family apiculture tradition, which serves as the foundation for its values. Sustainability is the guiding principle behind every decision, and eco-friendly practices are consistently implemented, yielding impressive results that speak for themselves.


Build by Bees

Bee Keen proudly upholds our family's longstanding legacy of beekeeping, fueled by our genuine passion for coffee, honey, and food. Yet, we transcend the typical cafe or honey company; at Bee Keen, sustainability is at the heart of our business, guiding our growth, beekeeping practices, and objectives. We take great pride in curating simple, exquisite product lines and delivering unparalleled experiences to our valued customers.

Moreover, our dedication goes beyond mere business operations. Bee Keen actively advocates for apiculture, striving to educate the public about beekeeping and emphasizing the essential role honeybees play in our ecosystem. This advocacy was inspired by the devastating 2019 bushfire that affected bees and their habitats and the collective desire for eco-protection amid the 2020 pandemic. Thus, we conceived a creative café concept that promotes and nurtures love for bees and nature. This café serves as a platform to not only offer our well-roasted coffee but also to spread awareness and appreciation for these incredible creatures and the environment they inhabit.


Our Values

At the core of our business are our cherished, time-honored values, upheld and passed down through generations. We take immense pride in crafting our coffee, honey, and food with unwavering commitment to consistent quality and unyielding integrity. Our family's collective efforts have been focused on exceeding our customers' expectations, constantly striving to surpass what they anticipate.

Our honey, coffee, and food are not merely products to us; they embody our aspiration to continuously improve and grow. Each creation reflects our desire to better ourselves, to refine our offerings, and to provide the best possible experience for those we serve. This commitment to excellence is deeply ingrained in everything we do, driving us to deliver beyond satisfaction and to establish lasting connections with our valued customers.


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